Valentine's Day Guide 2017

1. Prepare a meal together


Romantic evenings always involve food! Take the love to the kitchen, and make the preparation of the meal a couple’s activity!

Strut around the kitchen and bump into one another wearing nothing but our "Cheeky Lovers Apron" – we have a little something for him and her.

Don’t focus on the food! Cooking is just an excuse to do something together, so focus on the fun stuff – eating and assembling. Let our "Kitchen Essentials" do the chores and be an invisible kitchen/love assistant.

2. Get tipsy


Feeling nervous and tense? Ease those awkward moments into enjoyable banter! Pamper your partner with a drink in the comforts of home.

To make an elegant cocktail, you would require a "Cocktail Shaker Kit" to create that luxurious blend, a "Cocktail Muddler" to allow the fruits to release their essences, and "Cocktail Picks" shaped like a heart to complete the look.

Allowing a wine to breathe helps to soften flavors and enhance aromas. A quick and cheap way to do that is by using an attachable "Wine Aerator". If you can’t finish a bottle, preserve its freshness by using a "Heart Wine Stopper".

If alcohol isn’t your thing, make tea with tender loving care. We recommend brewing rose, jasmine or fruity teas, and infuse it using our "Lovers Tea Infusers" into sparkling water to get you in the mood!

3. Don’t stop there!


After a nice meal and drinks its time for after-dinner magic! You can use plush cushions and sheets to send the message across.

If you are a couple who loves everything cute, what’s not to like about these "Love Emoji Cushions"! Or if you would like to exude a cozier atmosphere, use these simple but intricate “Love-themed Cushions” to complement that bed of roses, and light these "Love Candles" up!

4. The finishing touch


Human beings are social creatures, and giving a gift is a clear way of letting the recipient know that we are expressing love to them.

Complete the memorable occasion by gifting a symbol of everlasting love – a "Heart Shaped Love Locks".

We hope this guide was of help to you! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

HappyHomeCollective Team

PS: To all the single ladies out there. Get yourself a "Boyfriend"! Well sorta...

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