Biscuit Presser

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Preparing uniform and beautiful cookies is a tedious task that can be extremely time-consuming. Why not make fancy cookies from easy operated Biscuit Presser? This multi-function baking tool allows you to easily make various shapes of cookies, baking batches of cookies will become a piece of cake even for a beginner. Grab yours now and enjoy your love of baking cookies and your holidays!

    Product Features

    • Enjoy Baking without hassle
    • Easily prepare assorted set of cookies
    • Sturdy and durable build 

    Product Information

    • Material: Aluminum
    • Color: Silver
    • Net weight: 315 g
    • Product Sizes: Big: 206 x 145 x 55 mm; Small: 163 x 54 x 54 mm 
    • Package includes: 1 x Biscuit Presser, 20 x Cookie pattern model, 4 x Pastry tube

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    • Fast shipping to USA (1 - 3 weeks)
    • International shipping (3 - 6 weeks depending on your location)

    See what others are saying:

    "This press is awesome. It's easy to put together and it handled my mother's recipe like a champ. It's so easy to use, I wondered how I've lived without it for so long."


    "I really enjoyed making cookies with this press, It was easy to use and very durable. I used all the disc's and found that with some shapes you don't need to push the handle all the way. The icing tips fit well with the piping bag, I used it to decorate some of my cookies. Overall good value for money, a great bit of kit to have in the kitchen and kids love it."

    "Super easy to clean and really fun to use. Lots of fun and not just for Christmas - it's even got molds for Halloween!"

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