Gel Toe Separator

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Suffering from stiff, painful, squished-up feet and toes? Fix your feet naturally with this Gel Toe Separator. It allows you to stretch and re-structure your feet without invasive surgery, medications, or any awkward footwear. Grab yours NOW!

Product Features

  • Reduces toe and foot discomfort
  • Alleviates tension
  • Stretches and aligns toes
  • Increase circulation
  • Straighten bent toes
  • Realign joint and bunion relief
  • Quick and easy to clean

Product Features

  • Material: Silica gel
  • Size: 10 cm x 2.7 cm

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    See what others are saying:

    "I am really happy I bought it. It works much better than I thought it would. It works best when you use both products together. It is a perfect gentle foot massage after standing all day."

    "These little wonders are absolutely amazing. So much better than the big clunky ones. You can actually walk around in them, do yoga, whatever. Perfect for home and travel. They can be cleaned easily. Have ordered them for friends and family."

    "At first, it feels really weird to be honest, but as you keep using it, it just becomes natural. The massage ball feels really good on my feet."

    "What a great way to remove tension. These gel toe separators do a great job and I think help improve posture when standing. The ball is fantastic on sore tired feet. It's almost like acupressure and makes you feel so much better."

    "This is a wonderful set for separating my toes and providing pain relief. The massage ball feels wonderful on the bottom of my feet and help the release tension and pain after standing all day. Great set."

    "At first they feel uncomfortable but as the instructions say it fades as your toes stretch. The spiky massage ball feels amazing. Been using both a few weeks now and I already notice a difference."

    "These are very comfortable to wear. These toe separators help stretch my entire foot after a long day of wearing heels at the office."

    "These are gel and very comfortable. I like to walk around with these when I'm at home to relieve my feet from being crushed into my shoes. And it helps to get the perfect pedicure every time."

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