HappyHome Impact Screwdriver Kit

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Break loose rusty or frozen screws and bolts with ease using this hard-hitting Impact Screwdriver Kit. Tap the impact screwdriver's handle with a hammer and get quick rotational force necessary for loosening stuck fasteners. Grip is flared to protect hand from over strikes. As is often said, you won't use this tool every day, but when you need it, there is no substitute!

    Product Features

    • Instant impact force loosens rusted or frozen screws without damaging them
    • Forward and reverse drive direction
    • Comfortable handle with non-slip knurled grip
    • Frees corroded brake caliper screws and other vehicle or outdoor fasteners exposed to the elements

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Impact driver
    • 4 x Phillips bits (1, 2, 3, 4 mm)
    • 5 x Slotted bits (5, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm)
    • 4 x Hex bits (4, 5, 6, 8 mm)
    • 1 x Storage case

    Shipping Information

    • Processing time (1 - 3 days)
    • Fast shipping to USA (1 - 3 weeks)
    • International shipping (3 - 6 weeks depending on your location)

    See what others are saying:

    "Excellent product and worked exactly as intended to break loose the stubborn case screws on my Yamaha and Honda engines. One of these is must have for working on motorcycle engines. I use a 2lb shot filled dead blow hammer and one or two whacks freed every screw with no stripped heads or damages screws."


    "This is one of those tools that will sit on the shelf for 2 years, but when it comes time to use it you will be glad to have it. I don't know how I would've removed some screws without it, it likely would've ended in a storm of swearing and stripped screws if it weren't for this."

    "Heavy duty tool. Tips are larger than pictured in my opinion but that's what you want for loosening large screws."

    "I bought this tool to remove screws from my 2011 Honda Accord front brake rotors. This tool worked great. A couple of hits with a large hammer and they came right off. I used my wrist to twist in the direction I wanted the screws to go, and the tool did the rest. I would highly recommend."

    "I bought this tool specifically to deal with the screws on brake rotors that seem to be more common these days. The quality appears to be pretty good for the price and it works fine for my needs."

    "I was impressed by this impacts capabilities. I first used this on a brake job for a Honda civic and it worked exactly as expected. The impact itself felt strong and durable. At one point it actually hit the hard concrete floor right on the Phillips bit and I was convinced it was chipped or cracked, but it held up like a champ. Still getting the job done without a problem. This is perfect for the typical DIY. Quality for the price all the way."

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