Metatarsal Gel Pillows (1 pair)

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Treat your painful feet and make them beautiful again with the Metatarsal Gel Pillows. It is ideal to reduce or eliminate plantar keratosis (deep calluses) and is helpful for people who suffer from arthritis, thanks to its ability to absorb shock and cushion the ball of the foot.

Product Features

  • Metatarsal Gel Pillows protect your foot from burning and callus formation
  • It cushions and protects the ball of the foot
  • It's made up of washable and reusable material
  • Thin enough to fit in any shoe type

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      See what others are saying:

      "A small product with a big reward - the reward of greater comfort! Very comfy pressing down as you walk with these on the ball of your feet. Even great for low-healed and flat shoes."

      "I've tried lots of other gel products without success but am thrilled with the way my feet feel when I wear these pads. Super comfortable!"

      "These are amazing! I literally feel like I am walking on clouds! They particularly make it easy and comfortable for me to wear shoes that I haven't been able to wear because they hurt my feet. Well worth the small investment!"

      "Years of pain on the balls of my feet from wearing anything other than sneakers is now gone! I like wearing the pads with the nubby side up - adheres much better to my shoes."

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