Pocket Hole Clamp

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The Pocket Hole Clamp helps you clamp and fasten double joints in one easy step, giving you a perfect alignment every time. Simply clamp the joint using one hole, then insert a screw in the other hole and tighten!

    Product Features

    • Unique design allows easy clamping and surface alignment of pocket hole joints
    • Adjustable pin fits in a 3/8" x 15° pocket hole while the clamp tightens the joint
    • Works in 3/8" pocket holes on 3/4" thick face frames and casework
    • Clearance in the clamp body enables clamping and fastening of double joints in one easy step
    • Ratcheting handle allows for clamping face frames flat on the workbench
    • Tighten or release the handle quickly and easily using the new quick-release slide button
    • 3" wide stock capacity

    Shipping Information

    • Processing time (1 - 3 days)
    • Fast shipping to USA (1 - 3 weeks)
    • International shipping (3 - 6 weeks depending on your location)

    See what others are saying:

    "This clamp is great. It solved the problem I had getting the joint tight. If you have a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig I definitely recommend this clamp."

    "It is a simple idea. However, it does make pocket hole work way easier. I just ordered one to try. I am thinking to order a couple more. It would be way easier holding multiple pieces for assembly. It is highly recommended."

    "This Pocket Hole Clamp that I purchased makes pocket hole joinery so much easier. I don't know why I didn't try them before. I recommend this product to anyone who does this type of joinery on face frames."

    "I haven't used it yet but I have a smaller one that works great. You need a clamp to hold it down and a good drill bit. This clamp works great!"

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